Proceedings of History Week 2021: Rupture – A Historical Perspective


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Noel Buttigieg, George Cassar



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George Cassar & Noel Buttigieg, Rupture, an inevitable presence in the history of humankind, with Malta as
a case study, p. 7
Charles Dalli, The Problem of tenth-century Malta, p. 22
Christopher Grech, Captain Graham Hamond R.N. and midshipman Samuel Robison: Witnesses to the naval
blockade of Valletta, p.32
Vincent Peresso, The plague epidemic of 1813: Actions and reactions, p. 54
Richard Cachia Caruana, French revolutionary upheaval and its direct impact on a Maltese prominent family
between 1793 and 1800, p. 75
Sarah Azzopardi-Ljubibratic, Ruptures in Jewish history: The Maltese context, p. 103
Denis A. Darmanin, Orlando Emanuel Caruana: An unknown Maltese hero, p. 115
Claudia Garradis, Ruptured experiences: (Re)discovering museums in Malta, p.130
Katya Micallef, The transition from aesthetic to concept: Artistic practices in Malta and exhibition cultures in
the 1990s, p. 138
Petra Caruana Dingli, Innovatio and Renovatio: Changing cultural practices and monastic life in Early
Modern Malta, p. 164
Armando Antista, Fratture, dispute, alleanze, gerarchie: Dinamiche professionali nel cantiere Maltese (sec.
XVII-XVIII), p. 179