Proceedings of History Week 2013: Second Colloquium on Spanish-Maltese History


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Carmel Vassallo, Emanuel Buttigieg, Joan Abela

Editorial, p. vii
Michael Frendo, The Magna Charta Libertatis of King Alfonso V of Aragon, p. 1
Stanley Fiorini, Spanish Influence in Late Medieval Malta, p. 9
David Mallia, Malta: A Spanish Presidio in the Central Mediterranean?, p. 29
Simon Mercieca, Starting a Family in another Land: Spaniards in Malta, 1580s to 1640s, p. 41
Conrad Thake, Influences of Spanish Plateresque on Maltese Ecclesiastical Architecture, p. 63
Lycia Cilia, The Hospitaller Monastery of Alguaire in the Eighteenth Century, p. 75
William Zammit, Ferdinando de Escano’s Propugnaculum Hierosolymitanum: A Spanish-authored Publications and the Saga of its Censorship in mid-eighteenth-century Malta, p. 93
Albert Ganado, The Spanish Roots of the Ganado Family and its Evolution in Malta, p. 101
Liam Gauci, A Majorcan Captain’s Adventures as a ‘Maltese’ Corsair in the 1770s: Rum, Coffee and a Silver Watch, p. 109
Sandro Debono, Mariano Girada: A Maltese Sculptor from Valencia, p. 119
Giorgio Peresso, Dhalna f’Madrid: The Spanish Civil War as viewed from Malta, p. 133
English Abstracts of papers presented in Spanish during History Week 2013, p. 143
Biographical Notes of Contributors and Editors Contributors, p. 149
Editors, p. 153