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Proceedings of History Week 2009


paperback; illustrated

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Charlene Vella



Charlene Vella, A Late Medieval and an Early Modern Window in the Reserve Collection of the National Museum of Archaeology, p. 8
Albert Ganado, The Talents of Giuseppe Cannolo (1756-1845): An Appreciation, p. 28
Krystle Farrugia, Count Saverio Marchese: A Conoscente with Special Reference to his Commentary on Uomini Illustri di Malta, p. 37
Stefan Cachia, Perceptions of Poverty: A Hospitaller Approach, p. 47
Robert Galea, Roundel Carvings on Late Medieval and Early Modern Buildings in Malta: The Art Historical Context, p. 77
Joseph F. Grima, Notes on Eighteenth-Century Naval Contacts between the Order of St John and Sweden, p. 91
Noel Buttigieg, Is Bread Male or Female? Gender and Power Relations, p. 97
David Mallia, Cross Currents in Emigration: Corporal A.M. Benscher and the proposed Maltese Settlement in the Holy Land, p. 107
Matthew Gauci, New Light on Webster Paulson and his Architectural Idiosyncrasies, p. 137
Stephen C. Spiteri, A Cubete Artillero at Mdina? Gunpowder Fortifications in late medieval Malta, p. 151