Proceedings of History Week 1982


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Mario Buhagiar



Editorial Preface, p. v
Michael Ellul, Art and Architecture in Malta in the Early Nineteenth Century, p.1
Edward Sammut, A Note on Stefano and Sebastiano Ittar, p. 20
John Azzopardi, Count Saverio Marchese (1757-1833): His Picture-Gallery and His Bequest to the Cathedral Museum, p. 28
Francis Azzopardi, Padre Luigi Bartolo OFM, Designer and Historian, p. 44
Mario Buhagiar, the Xaghra ta’ Santa Duminka Hypogea: Some Reflections on Maltese Paleochristian Art, p. 53
Godfrey Wettinger, The Archives of Palermo and Maltese Medieval History, p. 59
Aloysius Deguara, The Reverenda Fabrica di San Pietro dell’Urbe in Malta, p. 69
Joseph Bezzina, British Diplomacy and the Election of Bishop Gaetano Pace Forno, p. 89
Notes on the Contributors, p. 110