Melita Historica 2017


Vol. 17, No. 2; paperback; illustrated

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Albert Ganado, The History of the Legal Officers in Malta from Avvocato Fiscale to Crown Advocate: 1724-1922, p. 7
Caroline Miggiani, Roger Chapelet, peintre de la marine, Painting for the Free French in Algiers and his visit to Malta in 1944, p. 17
Russell Palmer, Graffiti as Historical Data: the British Army and the Inquisitor’s Palace (Birgu) in the early nineteenth century, p. 37
Appreciation: Michael Ellul, p. 50
Michael Refalo, Three Maltese Women 1892-1909, p. 51
Christian Mifsud, Decoding a modified space: the lost spaces of Del Monte Gate, p. 61
David Mallia, The Msida Bastion Cemetery, p. 83
Charlene Vella, Unrecognised paintings by Antonio de Saliba on Malta, p. 115
Book Reviews, p. 149
Society News, p. 157
Notes for Contributors, p. 159