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Melita Historica 2013


Vol. 16, No. 2; paperback; illustrated

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David Mallia



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Editorial, p. 7
Guest Editorial, p. 9
Emmanuel Buttigieg, Introduction, p. 11
Paul George Pisani, Abbot Luca Cenni: A little-known Hospitaller historian, p. 21
Monique J. Grech, The Order of St John’s approach to plague after Rhodes, p. 35
Maria Abela, The Maltese Islands under the Hospitallers: Aspects of Management and Defence, p. 45
Chris Galea, Medical Care on Hospitaller Gozo, p. 61
Michael Refalo, House and home in late nineteenth-century Malta: An asset and an institution, p. 77
Simone Azzopardi, Imperial Policy in Malta, 1934-9: Britain’s need for benevolent despotism, p. 93
Paul Simon Portelli, From a Civic Committee to a Civic Council: the inauguration of local government in Gozo, p. 113
Amelia Debrincat, Bridging the Gap: Overcoming the insularity of Gozo, 1930-2000, p. 121
Simon Mercieca, Censu Tabone (1913-2012): A study in demographic mobility and social dynamism in Gozo through ancestral research, p. 131
Charles Daniel Saliba, Skyjacking: Its character, effects and decline, p. 155
Stefan Gorg Said, Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince: The influence of classical history, p. 167
Book reviews, p. 177
Society News 2013, p. 183
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 189