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Melita Historica 2012


Vol. 16, No. 1; paperback; illustrated

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David Mallia



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Albert Ganado, A nineteenth-century merchant, writer and politician: Giuseppe Pulis Montebello, p. 9
Lawrence Pavia, Julian Trevelyan and Mary Fedden: Their Journeys to Malta and their interpretation of the Landscape, p. 25
Guzi Gatt, Iz-Zjara tal-Emir Fahr id-Din il-Maghni f’Malta, 1615, p. 55
John Marciari and Ian Verstegen, A Newly Re-attributed Painting by Francesco Vanni in Malta, p. 67
Keith Buhagiar, Revisiting Wied ir-Rum: Some recent archaeological discoveries, p. 77
Stanley Fiorini and Horatio Caesar Roger Vella, The Fondo Messina in the Archivio Ducal de Medinaceli, p. 109
Mark A. Sammut, The History of the Criminal Code: British vs Natives, again …, p. 131
Mark A. Sammut, Latin wine decanted into a Semitic carafe: the obscure term ‘midheb’ in Vassalli’s Lexicon and its possible usefulness for the legal historian, p. 137
Book Reviews, p. 165
Society News 2012, p. 185
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 189