60th Anniversary of the Malta Historical Society: A Commemoration


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Joseph F. Grima

Foreword, p. v
Editorial Preface, p. xv
I – From the Annals of the Malta Historical Society
Albert Ganado, The Birth of the Malta Historical Society, p. 3
Joseph F. Grima, Malta Historical Society Officials and Committee Members 1950-2010, p. 7
II – Historiography and Research
Hanna Stoger, Tribute to Albert Mayr: Albert Mayr (1868-1924) , p. 17
Godfrey Wettinger, Why an 1896 Paper is being Re-Published, A Personal Note, p. 19
Albert Mayr, translated by Hanna Stoger, On the History of the Older Christian church of Malta, p. 23
Charles J. Farrugia, Towards Virtual Access to Archives, p. 41
III – Prehistoric to Roman
Anthony Bonanno, Women and Society in Prehistoric and Ancient Gozo, p. 61
Joseph Attard Tabone, Robert Hay in Gozo and the Lost Stone Circle, p. 73
IV – Medieval
Simon Mercieca, The Failed Siege of 868 and the Conquest of Malta by the Aghlabid Princedom in 870, p. 87
Charles Dalli, The Marquisate of Malta, p. 103
Stanley Fiorini, The Three-Year Famine and the Ambaxata di Malta 1468-69, p. 117
Godfrey Wettinger, Wife versus Concubine in Gozo in 1486, p. 139
V – The Hospitaller and Military Order of St John
Ann Williams, The Knights and The Turks: The Official Version from Rhodes to Malta, p. 155
Victor Mallia-Milanes, The Hospitaller Auberge: A National Centre of Power Politics, Sociability and Solidarity on Early Modern Malta, p. 163
Roger Vella-Bonavita, Girolamo Cassar as a Military and Civil Engineer: The ‘Spina Report’ of 1594, p. 175
Joan Abela, A Window on the Acts of a Maltese Sixteenth-Century Notary – Placido Abela, p. 207
Joseph Muscat, Signals on Maltese Galleys, p. 237
VI – French and British Rule
William Zammit, New Light on the Archive of the Inquisition in Malta during French Rule 1798-1800, p. 275
Giovanni Bonello, Pirates in the Early British Era – The Maltese Connections, p. 295
Roger Ellul-Micallef, Cleardo Naudi – The University’s First Professor of Chemistry, p. 323
Albert Ganado, A Volcani Incident: Isola Ferdinandea or Graham Island?, p. 341
Henry Frendo, Maltese Survivors of Smyrna, p. 355
VII – Architecture
Michael Ellul, Malta Limestone goes to Europe: Use of Malta Stone outside Malta, p. 371
Andre Zammit, Valletta and Michele Cachia (1760-1839) – A factual Appraisal through his Andre Zammit, Notebooks, p. 407
VIII – Art, Artefacts and Sculpture
Francesca Balzan and Alan Deidun, Notes for a History of Coral Fishing and Coral Artefacts in Malta, p. 435
Charlene Vella, Sculpture in Malta in the Early Post-Muslim Period, p. 455
Antonio Espinosa-Rodriguez, An Equestrian Portrait in Malta, p. 467
John Debono, A Note on Pietro Paolo Troisi (1687-1743) , p. 475