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MHS History Week

Malta Historical Society History Week 2023 – Call for Papers

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Malta Historical Society History Week 2023

The Paths to Independence: Transitions & Transformations (1914-1964)

Malta, 9 – 11 November 2023




The Malta Historical Society is delighted to announce the theme “The Paths to Independence: Transitions & Transformations (1914-1964)” for History Week 2023.


The ebb and flow of events leading towards Malta’s nation-state status continue to provide opportunities to further enhance the narrative leading towards Malta’s momentous historical turning point in 1964.


From Enrico Mizzi’s anti-colonial stand until Giorgio Borg Olivier’s signature on Malta’s Independence document, the Maltese experienced several transitions and transformations. Beyond the emotional and partisan distortions, several vectors that came to shape Malta’s national identity were a product of this dynamic period.


Henry Frendo argues, ‘The British presence both restrained and assisted the slow crystallization of a national identity and of a consciousness of it.’ The theme “The Paths to Independence” offers an opportunity to uncover those dynamics that have shaped the island beyond its ‘saints and fireworks’. The process of state-making provided unprecedented opportunities towards Maltese nation- and identity-making. As Malta’s social nation came to life, the pajjiż [country] became a stat-nazzjon [nation-state]. What are those qualities that make Malta so unique from other Mediterranean islands? What developments, political but not only, were experienced in the build-up towards Malta’s unfettered Independence status? What transitions and transformations were experienced during this journey?


The MHS welcomes researchers, academics and post-graduates to present innovative and original papers with a perspective on Maltese history. A selection of the papers will be published in the Society’s Proceedings of History Week 2023.


Applicants are encouraged to consider a wide range of methodologies and subjects in their approach. Participants may choose from the themes below, though this list does not preclude other topics:



  • Political and constitutional development
  • Journalism
  • The arts
  • Literature
  • Newspapers, radio and television
  • Religion
  • Human rights
  • Museums and their management
  • Language/s
  • Caricature and satire
  • Carnival and other festivals
  • Education and schooling
  • Secularisation
  • Diet and foodways
  • The emancipation of women
  • Health
  • War and its aftermath
  • The tourism product
  • The theatre
  • Music
  • National identity
  • any other area deemed eligible by the organisers




Please send proposals of up to 500 words for 20-minute presentations, together with a short CV, and contact information (email, telephone and postal address) to, copied to; and by not later than 31st August 2023


Notification of acceptance

The MHS organizing committee and advisory board will select papers to be presented. Submitted abstracts will be held in full confidence during the reviewing process. Successful candidates will be notified by 14th September 2023.


Chosen candidates who wish their paper to be published, are to present the full text to the MHS by 25th October 2023. Submitted papers will be held in full confidence during the reviewing process.



The Malta Historical Society History Week 2023 is kindly sponsored by The Alfred Mizzi Foundation



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