Dr Theresa Vella is an art historian, lecturer and museum consultant with several publications to her name. A graduate of the University of Malta, she later read for a PhD at the University of Bristol (2009-2012) on Hospitaller art collecting. She is also the author of ‘Charles Frederick de Brocktorff: Watercolours of Malta at the National Library, Valletta, Volume II’ (2008) and essays on Hospitaller art and architecture, the Great Siege fresco cycle by Matteo Perez d’Aleccio, Mattia Preti, Michele Bellanti, and Antonio Sciortino amongst others. After over 20 years in the public heritage sector, Dr Vella moved to the private sector to work as a museological consultant. She also teaches Art History and Museology at the University of Malta. She was first elected President of the Malta Historical Society in 2019, and was re-elected for a second term in 2021.


Dr David Mallia is the Vice-President of the Malta Historical Society and Editor of Melita Historica. He is an architect and holds a PhD in the restoration of monuments.


Mr Christopher Vella is the Secretary of the Malta Historical Society since 2019, having served on the MHS Committee for two consecutive terms. He is a history graduate from the University of Malta, a lecturer and teacher for the past twenty years and a historian of the 18th and 19th century. He is engaged in voluntary organisations and social activism both in Malta and internationally.


Mr Vince Peresso was born in Cospicua in 1948. After receiving his tertiary education, he then spent 39 years working as an educator, teacher, assistant Head of School, Head of School and finally as a Principal Education Officer. For the past 36 years he has conducted research in various archives ranging from the National Library, the National Archives, the Notarial Archives and several ecclesiastical Archives. His main interest is the nineteenth century with a focus on the various epidemics and the petitions to the Governor. He has been a member of the MHS committee since 2017 and is currently the Treasurer.


Ms Simone Azzopardi is an Assistant lecturer in late Modern and Contemporary Maltese, European and Global History, Ms Azzopardi had been a History Assistant Lecturer at the University of Malta Junior College. She read History at the University of Malta (2007-2010), followed by a Master's degree in Global and Imperial History from the University of Oxford (2011-2012). Ms Azzopardi is currently reading for a Ph.D., on a part-time basis, with the Department of History of the University of Malta. Her research is on modernity, change and continuity in post-colonial Malta, with a focus on the experience of women between 1964-1987. She has been an active member of the Malta Historical Society (MHS) since 2015 where she has primarily been organising the monthly public lectures. She has also been in charge of the organisation, and chaired sessions of three editions of the biennial History Week (2015, 2017, 2019) and of the biennial Publication Awards (2018 and 2020). She has also coedited the Proceedings of History Week 2015 (2018). She also makes regular appearances on radio and TV programmes as guest speaker on a variety of historical themes related to her fields of research and interest.


Dr Noel Buttigieg is a lecturer within the Institute for Tourism, Travel & Culture of the University of Malta. He has served on the MHS committee since 2010. He also held the position of Honorary Secretary between 2014 and 2018. He worked closely with several members of the committee when organizing History Week and the MHS Publication Awards. He is also co-editor of the Proceedings of History Week 2017: Food as 'Voice' . He is currently editing the 2019 History Week proceedings and preparing for the 2021 edition of History Week.


Mr Matthew Caruana holds a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in History with his dissertation on 'Aspects of Social Life in Late 18th-Century Malta as seen through the records of the Magna Curia Castellaniae'. He later pursued his studies with a Master of Arts in Diplomatic Studies with the Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies at the University of Malta. Due to his interest in Maltese culture, he has taken this opportunity to research 'Malta's Cultural Diplomacy'. This dissertation investigates the work being done by the country to enhance international cultural relations. It also explores other possibilities where Malta can strengthen its clout away from its shores.


Comm. Prof. George Cassar is Associate Professor at the University of Malta. He has authored and edited numerous publications in the areas of History, Education, Social Studies, Sociology, Tourism, Heritage and Culture. He is the editor of the journals Sacra Militia, Arkivju, and The Educator, and also has extensive experience in the management of EU projects. Prof. Cassar was awarded the 'Ġieħ il-Mosta' by the Mosta Local Council, the 'Grazzi Badge' by The Scouts Association of Malta, and the 'Commendatore pro Merito Melitensi' by the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.


Ms Suzanne Gatt is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Malta Junior College. She studied History and Archaeology for her first degree at the University of Malta. Following a post graduate courses in education, she taught History at secondary level for over twenty years, and served as a Deputy Head of school for ten of those years. Ms Gatt also read for a Masters in Baroque Studies at the University of Malta and a Masters in Educational Leadership at the University of Leicester. Her interests centre around European art history, education and 19th and 20th century Maltese history.


Mr Carmel Spiteri is an Interior Designer by profession and is passionate about Malta's cultural heritage. He obtained a certificate and a diploma from the Institute for Baroque Studies at the University of Malta. He also holds a Bachelor's Degree in History of Art and was recently awarded a Master's degree in the same discipline from the same university.


Mr Mevrick Spiteri holds an M.A. in Baroque Studies from the International Institute for Baroque Studies and a B.A. in History and Archaeology, from the University of Malta. He is currently employed in the Curatorial Affairs Unit of the National Library of Malta, where he is also co-coordinator of the Library's annual public lecture series and co-editor of the published proceedings. His research interest is in historic landscapes on which he has published extensively, mainly about the reconstruction of urban environments especially Valletta during the early modern period.