Melita Historica 2019

Vol./No : 17
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: David Mallia
Date: 2020

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Giovanni Boraccesi, Un calice maltese a Gerusalemme, p. 7
Anna Borg Cardona, Mdina’s Seventeenth-Century Processions with Accompanying Music: the spinetta, regaletto and organetto, p. 11
John Armenia & Stanley Fiorini, The Armenia Family Galley Captains of Malta: 1456-c.1600, p. 24
Matthew Mallia, Maltese Liberalism in Imperial & Regional Contexts, c.1800–40, p. 43
André P. DeBattista, ‘Burying the Cold War in the Mediterranean Sea’ The 1989 Bush–Gorbachev Malta ‘Non-Summit’ Summit, p. 61
Victor Bonnici, A Document of 1572 containing reports of damages incurred on civilian buildings in Birgu and Bormla during the Siege of 1565, p. 84
Denis A. Darmanin, Uniform, Badges and Insignia of the Royal Malta Fencible Artillery, p. 154
Charles A. Gauci, A short essay on heraldry in Malta, p. 177
Denis De Lucca, The Order of Malta and Espionage Activity in the Sixteenth-century Mediterranean World, p. 187
Book Reviews, p. 216
Rapport Amministrattiv Anwali 2019-2020, p. 218
Melita Historica – Contents of Volume XVII (2016–19), p. 225
Notes for Contributors, p. 238

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