Melita Historica 2016

Vol./No : 17
Issue No. : 1
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: David Mallia
Date: 2016

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Giovanni Bonello, A Mild Debunking of Dr Gio Nicolo’ Muscat, p. 7
Theresa Vella, Art, Honour and Knighthood: Mattia Preti and his Patrons in Hospitaller Malta, p. 19
Stanley Fiorini, Giliberto Abbate’s Report and Serfdom in the Maltese Islands, p. 31
Andre P. Debattista, Playing one side against the Other’: Malta’s Foreign Relations in the Age of D├ętente (1969-1979), p. 57
Robert Thake, Another look at Carasi’s voyage to libertine Malta, p. 87
Simone Azzopardi and Emanuel Buttigieg, Outlines of Maltese History and Grajjet Malta: an Analysis of Representations of Colonialism in Maltese History textbooks, p. 110
Daniel Meilak, David versus Goliath and the Apotheosis of Malta: Romanticising the Siege of Malta during the Rise of Nationalism (1860-1939), p. 140
Book Reviews
, p. 173
Taghrif Dwar Hidmet is-Socjeta’ matul l-2016
, p. 193
Notes for Contributors
, p. 198

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