Melita Historica 2014

Vol./No : 16
Issue No. : 3
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: David Mallia
Date: 2014

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Editorial, p. 7
David Mallia, Obituary: Prof. Godfrey Wettinger, p. 9
Henry Frendo, Change and Continuity in Malta from 1964 Onwards: A General Overview, p. 11
Charles J. Farrugia, Libraries and Archives: Surviving, Striving and Thriving, p. 17
Michael Fenech, Maltese modernity in the visual arts: a case of cultural ruptures, p. 35
Andrew Alamango, Music and Identity in early recordings of Maltese Music, 1931-32, p. 47
Joseph Schiro’, Conservation and Preservation Renaissance in Malta since Independence, p. 55
George E. Camilleri, Medicine in the Twentieth Century, p. 61
Noel Buttigieg, Towards a Maltese Culinary Identity: some considerations, p. 69
Robert Ghirlando, Developments in Technology and Independent Malta, p. 81
Conrad Thake, Architecture in Post-Independence Malta, Past Present and Future, p. 89
Reuben Grima, Archaeology, nationhood and identity in a small island state, p. 101
David Attard, K-129, the CIA and Early Manifestations of Maltese Sovereignty, p. 121
Vicki-Ann Cremona, Maltese Theatre, National Identity and Theatre in Maltese, p. 121
Stephen Vella and Melanie Mizzi, Post-Independence Design in Malta, p. 139
Adrian Grima, The Great Mediterranean Nation: Identity Constructs in Maltese Post-Independence Literature, p. 157
Book Reviews, p. 175
Society News 2014, p. 191
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 197

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