Melita Historica 2011

Vol./No : 15
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Joseph F. Grima
Date: 2011

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Anton Bugeja, An Outline of Developments in Maltese Archaeology during the Nineteenth Century, p. 351
Godfrey Wettinger, Malta in the High Middle Ages, p. 367
Kenneth Gambin, Popular Reactions to a ‘Tridentine’ Parish Priest: The Case of Don Georgio Gauci, Parish Priest of Attard, 1635-1663, p. 391
Albert Ganado, The Creation of the Confraternity of St Ives, the Protector of Jurists, p. 413
Douglas Gourlay, Andrew Jameson in Malta, p. 425
Conrad Thake, A Project for a ‘Centro d’Italianita’ in Malta, p. 433
Echoes on the paper entitled Judicial Appointment in Malta: A Historico-Legal Perspective, p. 449
Book Reviews, p. 457
Society News 2011, p. 464
Malta Historical Society Members, p. 468
Deceased Members, p. 475
Contents of Volume XV, p. 476
Index, p. 479
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 493

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