Melita Historica 2010

Vol./No : 15
Issue No. : 3
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Joseph F. Grima
Date: 2010

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Kevin Aquilina, Judicial Appointment in Malta: A Historico-Legal Perspective, p. 233
Michael Refalo, Joining the Fray of Commerce: Gozitan Entrepreneurs in Malta (c. 1870-1914), p. 255
Mark Sagona, Antonio Buhagiar (1906-98) within the context of the Decorative Arts in Malta, p. 273
George Cassar, Some Working Conditions of Maltese Teachers during the Nineteenth Century and up to World War I, p. 279
Paul Catania, A Maltese Village at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Naxxar, p. 303
Michael Galea, Bishop Paul Alpheran de Bussan’s Sea Journey to Rome in 1740 – A diary, p. 327
Book Reviews, p. 333
Society News 2010, p. 344
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 349

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