Melita Historica 2009

Vol./No : 15
Issue No. : 2
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Joseph F. Grima
Date: 2009

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Douglas Gourlay, Andrew Jameson and the Origins of the Criminal Code of Malta, p. 109
Joseph Muscat, Maltese Pilotage, p. 135
Joseph F. Grima, The Provveditore di Mare of the Order of St John’s 18th Century Vascelli, p. 175
David Dandria, The HMS Sultan Disaster at Comino, p. 181
Salv. Mallia, Preferential Option for the Poor: The Life of Fr Paul Grech Cumbo SJ, p. 203
Book Reviews, p. 219
Society News 2009, p. 227
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 231

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