Melita Historica 2008

Vol./No : 15
Issue No. : 1
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Joseph F. Grima
Date: 2008

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Anthony Bonanno, Maltese Wine Pressing in Antiquity, p. 1
George Azzopardi, A Re-reading of C.I.L., X, 7506, p. 19
Anton Bugeja, Fr Emmanuel Magri and the Antiquities of Gozo, p. 31
Charlene Vella, New Light on Petronilla, the Oldest Bell in Malta, p. 49
John Debono, A Short Note on the Artist Giuseppe Hyzler (1787-1858), p. 55
Patrick G. Staines, Governing Malta in the first half of the Nineteenth Century – Some Perspectives, p. 73
Book Reviews, p. 99
Society News 2008, p. 102
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 105

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