Melita Historica 2007

Vol./No : 14
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: William Zammit
Date: 2007

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Keith Buhagiar, Bahrija: Its Archaeological Significance, p. 357
Joan Abela, De Uxore Proxima Futura Magistri Hieronymi Cassar: New Light on Girolamo Cassar’s Immediate Family, p. 375
Howard Davis and Barry Hough, The British Claim to rule Malta, 1800-1813, p. 387
Albert Ganado, The Melita 3d Postage Inverted: Politics Embroil Philately, p. 409
Winston L. Zammit, The Administrative Diary of a Maltese Countryside Syndic, p. 429
Henry Frendo, Malta Post-Garibaldi: ‘Garibaldi e il Risorgimento’ (Malta Conference 23rd November 2007), p. 439
Book Reviews, p. 447
Society News 2007, p. 453
List of Members of the Malta Historical Society, p. 457
List of Studies published in Vol. XIV, p. 465
General Index of Volume XIV, p. 469
Guidelines for Contributors
, p. 481

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