Melita Historica 2006

Vol./No : 14
Issue No. : 3
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: William Zammit
Date: 2006

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Stanley Fiorini, Faldetta, Circelli, Tornialetto et Altra Robba Feminina, p. 261
Noel Caruana Dingli, Felicissimo Antonio de Piro (1699-1738), A Francophile Maltese Nobleman, p. 283
Simon Mercieca, Marriage Prospects in Early Modern Malta: the Integration of Venetian Subjects in an Alien Country, p. 303
John Debono, The High Altar of Zebbug Parish Church, Malta, p. 325
John Wood, The Land of the ‘Turks’ North African Adventure, p. 333
Book Reviews, p. 345
Society News 2006, p. 354
Guidelines for Contributors
, p. 355

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