Melita Historica 2005

Vol./No : 14
Issue No. : 2
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: William Zammit
Date: 2005

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Kevin Aquilina, The Historical Evolution of the Law of Official Secrecy in Malta, p. 137
Godfrey Wettinger, A Cleric is disciplined: Gozo, 1486-87, p. 161
Albert Ganado, Bibliographical Notes on Melitensia – 3, p. 169
Michael Galea, The Genesis of the Circolo La Giovine Malta, p. 187
Thomas Freller, Between Malta and St Petersburg: the Bali’ and Turcopilier Johann Baptist Anton von Flachslanden and Tsar Paul I: A relation and its implications on European Politics, p. 199
George Azzopardi, The Vallii in Gozo, p. 231
Mark A. Aloisio, Malta, Sciacca and the Perollo Family, 1461-1499, p. 239
Pietro Ardizzone, Aspetti Politici e Culturali Maltesi (1900-1950) nei documenti diplomatici Italiani, p. 247
Book Review, p. 249
Society News 2005
, p. 255
Appreciation: Rev. Francis Azzopardi, 1927-2006
, p. 257
Guidelines for Contributors
, p. 258

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