Melita Historica 2003

Vol./No : 13
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: William Zammit
Date: 2003

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Konrad Buhagiar and JoAnn Cassar, Fort Chambray: The Genesis and Realisation of a Project in Eighteenth-Century Malta, p. 347
Albert Ganado, Bibliographical Notes on Melitensia – 1, p. 365
Winston L. Zammit, The Congreve Fund for Necessitous Children, p. 387
Kevin Aquilina, Registrar of Courts’ Duties vis-à-vis the Judiciary: Some Conflicting Interpretations, p. 393
Olvin Vella, Liradi’al Col Xebir Sura: Qawl iehor fil-Kantilena, p. 405
Frank Theuma, A View over Water: The Qala Ship Graffiti in Context, p. 409
Joseph Busuttil, Descriptive Handlist of the Archiepiscopal Archives, Floriana, p. 421
Book Review, p. 425
Appreciation: Dr Elizaveta Zolina, p. 427
Society News 2000- 2003, p. 429
List of Members of the Malta Historical Society, p. 431
Malta Historical Society Deceased members (2000-03) , p. 443
List of Studies published in Vol. XIII (2000-03) , p. 445
General Index of Volume XIII, p. 449
Guidelines for Contributors, p. 467

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