Melita Historica 1998

Vol./No : 12
Issue No. : 3
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Keith Sciberras
Date: 1998

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Mario Buhagiar, The Iconography of the Maltese Rock-Tombs, Punico-Hellenistic, Paleochristian and Byzantine, p. 221
Philip Cottrell, A new Palma Vecchio in the Chapter Hall Museum, Birgu, p. 239
John Gash, Caravaggio’s Maltese Inspiration, p. 253
John Gash, The Cain and Abel in the National Museum: The Case for Giuseppe Vermiglio, p. 267
Franco Bruni, Musica, Cerimoniale e Teatralita’ alla Cattedrale di Malta nel XVII e XVIII Secolo, p. 281
William Zammit, A Secret Society in early Eighteenth-Century Malta: The Troisi Connection, p. 309
Moira Bishop, H.M.S. Melita – The Only British Warship Built in Malta, p. 323
Book Review, p. 331

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