Melita Historica 1996

Vol./No : 12
Issue No. : 1
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Keith Sciberras
Date: 1996

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Mario Buhagiar, The Early Christian Remains at Tas-Silg and San Pawl Milqi, Malta: A Reconsideration of the Archaeological Evidence, p. 1
Robert Farrugia-Randon, The Statue and Pedestal of St Paul at St Paul Shipwrecked Church in Valletta, p. 43
Joe Debono, La Societa’ delle Scuole Normali della Valletta’, A Brief Historical Backdrop, p. 47
Salv. Mallia, End of a College: A Study in Conflict, p. 75
Alain Blondy, La Visite du Cardial Lavigerie a Malte en 1882, p. 105
Joseph Muscat, Book Review, p. 109
Obituary Notice: Robert Farrugia-Randon (1946-1997), p. 111

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