Melita Historica 1995

Vol./No : 11
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Mario Buhagiar
Date: 1995

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Joan Fuguet I Sans & Anthony Luttrell, Diaphragm Arches and Stone Slab Roofs, p. 325
Paul Cassar, The Tongue Symbol in Maltese Architecture to ward off the Evil Eye, p. 337
Robert Farrugia-Randon, Civil Commissioner Charles Cameron in Malta, p. 347
Joseph Busuttil, Copy of a Will of 1491, p. 375
Denis De Lucca ed Elisabetta Procida, Appunti sull’Architettura Religiosa a Malta in Eta’ Barocca, p. 379
Vincent Borg, Mgr Prof. Arturo Bonnici D.D., H.E.L., B.L.Can., B.A.: A Commemoration, p. 393
List of Members of the Malta Historical Society, p. 421
General Index for Vol. XI (1992-1995), p. 431

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