Melita Historica 1992

Vol./No : 11
Issue No. : 1
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Mario Buhagiar
Date: 1992

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Helen W. Brown, The Coins of Muslim Malta, p. 1
Anthony T. Luttrell, Mdina Hoard of Muslim coins: 1698, p. 19
Mario Buhagiar/Keith Sciberras, Three Early Seventeenth Century Vernacular Paintings at Mqabba, p. 27
Eugene F. Montanaro, The Building of a New Church dedicated to St Julian in 1682, p. 35
Alain Blondy, Un Pamphlet Scandaleux contre Malte et L’Ordre de St Jean: ‘L’Ordre de Malte devoilĂ©’, p. 59
Alain Blondy, Complements a’ l’article de M. Joseph M. Brincat sur L’Ordre de Bonaparte en date du 21 Prairial An VI, p.77
Henry Frendo, Intra-European Colonial Nationalism: the Case of Malta 1922-1927, p. 79
Joseph F. Grima, Book Review, p. 95
Salv. Mallia, A Select List of Books on Maltese History Published 1991-1992, p. 99

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