Melita Historica 1987

Vol./No : 9
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Victor Mallia Milanes
Date: 1987

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Stanley Fiorini, ‘Carnj per lu Carnivalj’, p. 311
Peter Vassallo, The Duque de Rivas, John Hookham Frere, and the Tribute to Malta in El Moro Exposito, p. 315
N.D. Denny, British Temperance Reformers and the Island of Malta, 1815-1914, p. 329
David M. Boswell, Alberto Pullicino: His Artistic Commissions, Life and Times in Eighteenth-Century Malta, p. 347
Paul Cassar, A Tour of the Lazzaretto Buildings, p. 369
Anthony Luttrell, Christian Slaves at Malta: 1271, p. 381
Melitensia 1986: A List of Articles on Maltese History published in 1986, p. 385
Melita Historica Vol. IX: General Index, p. 395
Society News, p. 396

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