Melita Historica 1983

Vol./No : 8
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Anthony Bonanno
Date: 1983

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Victor Mallia Milanes, Scipione Campi’s Report on the Fortifications of Valletta, 1576, p. 272
Mario Buhagiar, The Study of Maltese Palaeochristian Catacombs, p. 291
Adrianus Koster, The Knights’ State (1530-1798): A Regular Regime, p. 299
Arnold Cassola, On the meaning of Gueri in Petrus Caxaro’s Cantilena, p. 315
Horatio Vella, The Report of the Knights of St John’s 1524 Commission to Malta and Quintinius’ Insulae Melitae Descriptio, p. 319
Stanley Fiorini, Status Animarum 1: A Unique Source for 17th and 18th Century Maltese Demography, p. 325
Book Reviews, p. 345
Melitensia 1983: A List of Books and Articles on Maltese History published in 1983, p. 347
Society News, p. 357
Appreciation: Rev. Joseph Micallef, p. 360
General Index of Melita Historica 1952-1983, p. 365

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