Melita Historica 1981

Vol./No : 8
Issue No. : 2
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Michael Ellul
Date: 1981

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Paul Cassar, Overseas Medical Graduates and Students at the University of Malta in the Nineteenth Century, p. 93
Joseph Muscat, Visitatio Turrium, p. 101
J. Cassar Pullicino, Some Nineteenth Century Hotels in Malta, p. 109
Raffaele Grillo, Un Pernicioso Contrasto tra la Malta dei Cavalieri e il Re di Sicilia (1745-55), p. 125
George Zammit Maempel, The Earliest ‘Treatise’ on Maltese Fossils, p. 133
Carmel Cassar, ‘O Melita Infelix’: A Poem on the Great Siege written in 1565, p. 143
Anthony Luttrell, The ‘Cappella’ of Birkirkara, 1402, p. 156
Book Reviews, p. 170
Melitensia: A List of Books and Articles on Maltese History published in 1981, p. 170
Society News Obituary: Sir Hannibal P. Scicluna, p. 174

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