Melita Historica 1977

Vol./No : 7
Issue No. : 2
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Giovanni Mangion
Date: 1977

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Anthony T. Luttrell, Girolamo Manduca and Gian Francesco Abela: Tradition and Invention in Maltese Historiography, p. 105
John A. Cauchi, L’Enigmatico Cassarino, p. 133
J.F. Grima, The Maintenance of the Order’s Galley-Squadron (c. 1600-1650), p. 145
Giovanni Mangion, Giovanni Antonio Ciantar: Letterato Maltese del Settecento, p. 157
A. Zammit Gabarretta, Sir Thomas Maitland and Mgr Ferdinando Mattei: a Controversy from a Contemporary Diary, p. 163
J.J. Camilleri,The Abolition of the Class of Arabic at the Lyceum, p. 171
Book Reviews
, p. 175
Melitensia: A List of Books and Articles on Maltese History published in 1977
, p. 206

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