Melita Historica 1975

Vol./No : 6
Issue No. : 4
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Andrew P. Vella ed
Date: 1975

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Bernerd Clarke Weber, A Scroll for Malta, p. 339
Victor Mallia Milanes, English Merchants’ initial contacts with Malta: A Reconsideration, p. 342
Andrew P. Vella, The Order of Malta and the Defence of Tripoli, p. 362
Stefan Delureanu, Un Patriota Romeno a Malta, p. 382
G. Zammit Maempel, Fossil Sharks’ Teeth, p. 391
Marie Schinas, Malta in British Periodicals, p. 411
Denis De Lucca, The Maltese ‘Perit’ in History, p. 431
The Maltese Historical Society, p. 437
Book Reviews, p. 441
Contributors, p. 463
List of Members, p. 466

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