Melita Historica 1974

Vol./No : 6
Issue No. : 3
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Andrew P. Vella ed
Date: 1974

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Vincent Borg, Developments in Education outside the Jesuit ‘Collegium Melitense’, p. 215
Godfrey Wettinger, Early Maltese Popular Attitudes to the Government of the Order of St John, p. 255
Giovanni Mangion, A Bibliography of Maltese (1953-1973), p. 279
Arthur Bonnici, The Archiepiscopal Archives, Malta, p. 307
Henri Bresc, Malta dopo il Vespro Siciliano, p. 313
Anthony Luttrell, A Maltese Casale: 1436, p. 322
Louis Galea, Bordoni and Bordonieri, p. 325
Book Reviews, p. 327

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