Melita Historica 1973

Vol./No : 6
Issue No. : 2
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Andrew P. Vella ed
Date: 1973

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C. Galea Scannura, The Office of the Secrezia of Malta previous to the coming of the Knights Hospitallers, p. 107
J.T. McPartlin, The Order of Malta and the closing session of the Council of Trent, p. 133
Roger Vella Bonavita, A Sixteenth-Century Proposal for a fort on ‘Manoel’ Island, p. 141
J. Eynaud, Teatro e Folclore a Malta nel Secolo Decimottavo, p. 153
G. Zarb Adami, Fernand Grech and his son Francois-Didier, Frenchmen of Maltese Origin, p. 162
Arthur Bonnici, Thirty Years to build a Protestant Church, p. 183
Giovanni Mangion, Girolamo Cassar, Architetto Maltese del Cinquecento, p. 192
Book Reviews, p. 201

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