Melita Historica 1964

Vol./No : 4
Issue No. : 1
Types : Journals
Category : Melita Historica
Editor: Bonaventura Fiorini
Date: 1964

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Hilda I. Lee, British Policy towards the Religion, Ancient Laws and Customs in Malta, Part II, p. 1
Arturo Bonnici, The Oath Question, p. 14
Mary Gray Porter & Bernard Clarke Weber, Malta in 1885: An Austrian Report, p. 27
Edward Sammut, A Handlist of Writings on Art in Malta, p. 34
Joseph Galea, A Captain of the Port of Malta and a Grand Vizier of Constantinople, p. 58
E.R. Leopardi, The Island of Gozo 1432-1453, Part II, p. 67
Activities of the Society, p. 72
News of the Society, p. 73
Recent Publications and Book Reviews, p. 74

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